Group Head of IT


(Full time, competitive salary + performance-related bonus + opportunity to earn a stake in the business, staff discount, free food & other benefits)

We’re a multi-award-winning drinks and technology group on a mission to disrupt the drinks industry in three different ways:

1) Master of Malt is re-imagining online drinks retail from the ground up, using cutting edge technology and fanatical customer service to help people explore the world of fine spirits.

2) Atom Brands is creating a stable of internationally-acclaimed drinks brands unparalleled in their innovativeness and utterly uncompromising in their approach to the quality of the liquid.

3) Maverick Drinks is assembling the most interesting portfolio of craft brands in the industry, and challenging the ‘pay-to-play’ status quo with their open, collaborative approach to doing business.
In everything we do, we are disruptive innovators; it is baked into our DNA to challenge orthodoxy and received wisdom wherever we find it.

Last year we joined the Sunday Times FastTrack 100, a national league table which definitively ranks Britain’s top 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over the previous 3 years - we were the only spirits company to be included.
We already turn over many tens of millions of pounds each year, and over the next 5 years we’re going to build a billion pound global business. We’re looking for remarkable people to join us on that journey.

You want to build cutting edge IT infrastructure able to meet the demands of our rapidly growing global customer base and world-class brands.
You are highly intelligent, tenacious and motivated. You live and breathe this stuff - it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning.
You love to learn – that’s what attracted you to IT in the first place – being able to understand how all this stuff works is just so fucking cool!
You know how to to recruit, retain and develop the best talent, and you understand that building an incredible team is the only way to succeed in the long term.
You love efficiency and hate wasted time – you relentlessly automate and eliminate repetitive tasks, and you are extremely proud of how little day-to-day maintenance your systems require.
You’re a great leader, fantastic at motivating people and getting them bought into delivering your vision.
You understand that if a system doesn’t work for the user when they need it, then it doesn’t work. Successful systems have monitoring, redundancy and come with proper training and guides. You never blame the user.

You’ve worked in tiny companies and big corporates and you know what’s appropriate for each. You know where cheap is too cheap, but you also know you don’t have to spend mega-bucks to get good quality kit – you just have to know what you’re doing.
You are obsessive about deeply understanding technology before you buy – chances are you’ll know more than the person you’re buying from and immediately see through sales nonsense. If you’re buying office-scale UPS for our building then you’ll make sure you know what the right price per Kwh is and the demand-lifetime curves like the back of your hand in advance..
Most companies think IT is something that “just happens” in the background while the sales guys are out doing important deals and high-fiving over bottles Dom Perignon. You know different, and you want to work in a company that understands the awesome power and value of technology, and that respects and values the people who build and maintain our technology infrastructure.

IT is right at the heart of a well run company - without the best technology we can’t do great work, and coupling that technology with incredibly passionate and able people is how we win.
You’re disgusted at how bad most businesses are at this, and their lack of respect not just for how important IT is, but for the people who do it. You want to be part of a company that does things differently, where you won’t be constrained by pointless rules and corporate bullshit at every turn.
You’ve had plenty of experience managing IT functions and teams at a manager or head of level, you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and you’re itching to put those learnings into action. You know how to build,
engage and motivate a world-class team to achieve great things in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
You build a culture of continuous improvement, where people are safe to innovate and make mistakes in the service of progress. You have a strong sense of purpose and you foster the same in your reports.
You have a positive can-do attitude, you learn fast, and relish a challenge. You question things and need to understand them on a deep level. You get out of bed each morning excited to get cracking and make things

The work is challenging, interesting and important. You’ll join a passionate and dedicated team working hard to build something they love.
Reporting directly to the Managing Director of our shared services division, you will be responsible for IT across the entire enterprise, from managing our web and DB servers to individual users machines and everything in between.
No stuffed shirts here. You’ll have the ear of our founders, and you will help shape our strategy – your views will count - you won’t just be another cog in some big corporate machine.
It’ll be hard work, but incredibly rewarding, and you’ll enjoy a lot of autonomy in your task. You can truly make a difference here.
The rewards are significant. We want you to do the best work of your life. Your salary will ultimately be driven by the value you add to the business - if you do great work, you’ll earn great money and it’ll keep increasing as we recognise and reward your contribution.

Our best people become stakeholders in the business. If you’re world class, you’ll get a piece of the action.

Primary tasks and responsibilities
● Run IT operations across the enterprise.
● Recruit and develop a world-class team to meet the needs of our rapidly growing business.
● Design and implement an in-house training program to upskill your people.
● Live and breathe our culture and values.
● Provide regular analysis and report on departmental KPIs

The successful candidate will:
● Have significant relevant experience managing at a head of or director level.
● Be a great leader who cares about people and wants to create an amazing culture.
● Put the team and the company first.
● Be extremely energetic, intelligent, dynamic, friendly, innovative and personable.
● Have strong logical, analytical and lateral thinking skills.
● Be an excellent communicator across all media.
● Have deep experience specifying, procuring and deploying IT systems, and managing IT projects.
● Have experience working in a fast-paced technology business.

It would be great if you:
● Had experience in a startup environment, building things from scratch
● Loved working software developers and were experienced in dev-ops
● Had an indomitable spirit



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